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Who we are? has been the acknowledged leader in the  Kosher Travel market for PASSOVER VACATIONS 2014. With thousands of Jewish families a day visiting our site from countries all over the world, we offer our advertisers an unparalled global shop window to the Jewish travel market. With sites in English, Hebrew and French our reach is truly global. Pesach-holidays .com was launched in 2008, and has become the definitive online guide to  Kosher  PASSOVER vacation travel, with over 300 travel companies using the site to promote their international programs. (passover vacations,passover resorts,passover travel,passover cruises,passover holidays 2014) has become the best source for the business or leisure traveler seeking knowledge about any PASSOVER HOLIDAYS.(PASSOVER RESORTS,PASSOVER VACATIONS,PESACH HOLIDAYS,PASSOVER 2014,PESACH IN ISRAEL,PASSOVER ISRAEL 2014,PESACH SWITZERLAND,PASSOVER CRUISES,PASSOVER ITALY,PESSACH ITALY,PASSOVER SPAIN 5774,Kosher Passover in France…)

“Passover Vacations 2014 – Pesach Hotels & Resorts worldwide.  Pesach Vacation in the USA, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean, Hawaii, China, Morocco, South Africa, Chile and Passover Cruises, The Largest Pessach Vacations selection on-line to choose from – Resorts and hotels & kosher for passover cruises. Enjoy passover 2014 and choose your next vacation from our largest selection ever”

Please Note:
PESACH-HOLIDAYS.COM is NOT a travel agency. We do not take bookings or have detailed info on the tours advertised with us. If you wish to book, or ask questions about, one of the packages advertised on our site, please contact our advertisers, ALL of whom have email address on their respective pages with us, towards the top right hand side of each page.
Many thanks and thank you for using PESACH-HOLIDAYS.COM  
    (  1)212 -4016215
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